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OCD is no joke. Even Howard Hughes---one of the world's most capable, successful people---was no match for OCD. Obsessed with germs, he became bed-bound, naked in the dark, and walked with Kleenex boxes on his feet. But a cure for OCD was invented in the 1960's, Exposure-Response Prevention. We know that E-RP works. But in 2017, a half-century later, less than 5% of OCD sufferers have gotten E-RP. This is pitiful! DearDrDora harnesses the power of the internet to change this.

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Classes with an OCD expert from your smartphone or computer. Access to other OCD sufferers 24/7 in an online video room.


Take classes and learn skills to overcome OCD, for the cost of a few cups of good coffee.


Attend classes by video with a username. You have the option of attending by voice only or by avatar. So there's no need to reveal your identity(unless you want to).

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Sadly, the majority of sufferers of OCD and related conditions still do not receive the behavior therapy treatment that can help their problems.

- Lee Baer, 1992